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Ages: 2-13     Genders: Boys and Girls     Camp Types: Day Camp     Activities: Arts, Crafts, Computer Technology, Education, Spring Break

At Country Home we offer a distinctly innovative and unique environment for our school-age children ages 5-13. We do not limit our program to one teaching venue or method, but rather provide a virtual banquet of educational and exciting choices.

Our wonderful facility affords us the opportunity to leave our homeroom classroom each day and explore various themed rooms. Each area encompasses unique opportunities and equipment for challenging “hands-on” learning and fun exploration into the world of science, math, computers, language development, dramatic and creative arts. However, our Summer Camp program is not an extension of a typical school day, but is designed to compliment it by providing many enrichment opportunities unavailable to students during their summer break. Also our Summer Campers are on the go every week! We visit a variety of exciting and educational destinations including the following (depending on location):

  • Weekly trips in the summer to enjoy swimming, bowling and skating
  • Museums
  • Pizza play zones – such as Incredible Pizza and Gattiland
  • Zoo life – such as Wildlife Ranch
  • Theater Arts and Music appreciation – such as the movie theater
  • Putt Putt Golf
  • Art studios
  • Taste of life experiences – such as Enchanted Springs Ranch (Western life) and Crow’s Nest Farm (farm life)
  • Game centers – such as Main Event
  • Our children spend fun-filled days on the move participating in activities that stimulate their creativity and spur their imagination!
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