Ages: 8-13     Genders: Boys and Girls     Camp Types: Day Camp, Overnight     Activities: Adventure, Motorcycles, Sports

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“Is this motocross summer camp for me?” YES! 

If you want to learn to ride motorcycles with a bunch of your soon to be best friends, then you have found the right place. We are not a day care camp!  The training is for real. This is what most kids need “nowadays” to really learn how to ride and be safe. We are a true summer camp, and it just so happens our toys to play with are motorcycles. 

Our camp is designed to teach all campers how to ride, from beginner to advanced, in a summer camp atmosphere. 
We have air-conditioned facilities and bunk rooms, miles of tracks and trails for riding, a pool, rec center and pond for fishing during breaks that help campers socialize and make friends – all while becoming part of our riding family. We do not hold racing clinics in our summer camp.  It’s about having fun while learning to ride –  no one wants to go home on Friday!


A cool experience: our campers feel they belong to a unique group of people.

We are one of the ONLY camps  left in the country like us.  The pandemic has, ironically, contributed to the value we have as a camp.  Many more parents want their kids to get outside,  play with others, have fun, experience joy.  We have become so popular that more children register first from outside Texas – states like California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York – so by the time locals try to get in, we are full. This is how we have come to learn that what we offer is rare and valued by parents.

The motorcycles themselves have become super valuable because of COVID and the supply chain shutdown.  Parts and bikes are hard to get, so riding them becomes even more of a treat for kids. Iron Horse Country Ranch has become a very special place; we do so much more than offer trail bikes for a couple of hours as a “station activity”.    Everyone wants to be here, staff and campers, which creates a very unique atmosphere. We take care of our campers with good food, air-conditioning, comfortable bunk rooms for overnight, constant supervision and extra activities like swimming, s’mores and our rec center with games.  All this makes for great camaraderie and spirit.  As one camper said, “This is my community”. 


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