Technology is a new literacy like reading and writing, and The Coder School seeks to empower kids ages 7-18 with the skills they need for success in the 21st century.  Learning to code teaches kids to think critically and will give them an advantage no matter whether their interests are in sports or science. The Coder School is Silicon Valley’s #1 after-school coding program for kids, and we arrived in the Northwest Hills neighborhood in Austin in October 2018.  While many programs focus on STEM and robotics, The Coder School focuses mainly on coding in various languages through age-appropriate programs designed to get kids excited about learning and problem-solving.


We offer camps during school holidays to provide introduction and exposure to a wide range of exciting topics, ranging from Scratch and Python to AI, robotics, and web development.  All our camps are held at our facility and leverage goodies from our year-round programs to create a uniquely collaborative environment where the kids work together, code together, and have a rockin’ fun summer together!


Our camps are staffed with a ratio of 6:1 with our regular year-round Code Coaches who have lots of experience teaching kids throughout the year.  We also recognize that summer camp is a time for fun!  So while we’ll do lots of on-computer learning, we’ll also take plenty of breaks, get some physical motion by heading outside frequently (weather permitting) and even do some cool offline coding exercises.  Come join us!


Ages 7 – 18

Spring Break Camp

The Coder School Summer Camp
3616 Far West Blvd #109
Austin TX 78731
Unites States
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