The Hideout Theatre’s Improv Camps encourage kids to express their inner creativity while making new friends and learning new life skills. When children are having a tea party with their toys or running from imaginary monsters they’re improvising!


How Does Improv Help Kids?

The main philosophy behind improv is “yes, and”. During the Hideout Theatre’s improv camps kids learn to take ideas and stories from their peers, say “yes” to them and add their ideas and stories in cooperation.

Kids also learn the power of embracing failure! While most of the time we see failure as a setback, in improv we see failure as something to celebrate! Failure means that kids are taking risks and learning!


What Does a Day at Improv Camp Look Like?

Every day at Hideout Theatre improv camp we reinforce these philosophies by playing improv games, learning how to craft stories, performing spontaneous scenes, doing teamwork reinforcing crafts, and generally having a blast! 

On the final day of camp, your kids will show off their amazing new team-working, yes-anding and failure-embracing skills in a performance for friends and family.

We will reinforce social distancing guidelines and hygiene rigorously and per CDC recommendations during our summer camps.




Online Improv Camp

The Hideout Theatre is excited to provide online improv camps! 

Kids will warm up in the morning with “monster yoga”, will create scenes and stories together in the afternoons and generally make friends and activate their brains!

Our online improv summer camps can be attended in one session a day or throughout the day in different sessions!

Click here for Online Camp


Hideout Theatre Improv Camps
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