2018 Summer Camp Units of Study


  • _Visual Arts

Leader of the Week-Michelangelo.

Students will study the various mediums of visual arts which will include: painting, drawing, sculpture and photography. The children will gain a deep understanding of these art forms which permeate our world from the masters of old to the celebrated modern artists.


  • _The Stage

Leader of the Week-William Shakespeare.

Theater and dance are two of the oldest art forms and this unit looks at their varied styles and histories to take an in-depth look at what makes them so unique. The children will discover and participate in acting, dance, opera and other types of stage performances.


  • _Literature

Leader of the Week-Maya Angelou.

The pen has often been said to be mightier than the sword. In this session, the children will explore all of the ways to use the written word to create something beautiful. Students will investigate books, poems, illustration and even comics.


  • _Music

Leader of the Week- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Music as an art form has undergone many changes over time. In this unit, the children will discover the history of music and the many instruments that make it able to soothe the soul and bring out the best in humankind.


  • _Film

Leader of the Week-Meryl Streep.

Film is a relatively new art form when compared with the others. However, there are many new and interesting techniques and ideas encompassed in its creation. The children will participate in screen writing, special effect, directing, and even writing reviews.


  • _Mixed and Multi Media Art

Leader of the Week- Pablo Picasso.

This theme focuses on more recent art forms and introduces the children to the concept of joining the ideas they have learned throughout the summer. They will explore the critical thinking side of art to discover new types of expression combining various art forms to create a new medium.

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