Spring Cleaning? Get Rid of Your Old Gadgets

New gadgets. They’re shiny. They’re fun. They do old things faster. They do new things better. The age of buying a device and keeping it for much more than a year or two is fading — and fading fast. No doubt you have a phone, a computer, a TV or some other gadget that...

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Family Tech Rules that Really Work

Rules are made to be broken. And that’s exactly what seems to be happening when it comes to rules about technology use. You’re probably not surprised by that statement, but when you realize that I’m talking about you and me and not our kids, the sentence takes on a...

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Reality Gets a Makeover with AR, VR Technology

In the early fall of 2016, I was gathered with a group of friends playing softball in a local park. The park had the usual suspects: dog walkers, fitness gurus, ecstatic kids and us—goofy guys trying to relive the glory days of homeruns and hullaballoo.   But...

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Feliz Navigate!  On Owning a Drone This Holiday Season

Feliz Navigate! On Owning a Drone This Holiday Season

Each year, the word aficionados at Merriam-Webster Dictionary spice things up and add new words to our ever-evolving language. Recently, a thousand words were officially added.   Yowza! Yep, that was one of them…only 999 more to go.   Of course, new words...

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The Modern Kitchen Cooks Up Progress

By now you’re making your list and checking it twice. Isn’t it amazing how that list has changed during our lifetimes?   My lists used to be about things that got me out of the house, got my blood pumping and required zero electricity to bring to a boil—bikes and...

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Apps and Wearables Take Parenting to  New Levels

The level of creativity and technological sophistication of emerging adults boggles the imagination. There’s no frontier that isn’t being reshaped by the innovative and intriguing implementation of new apps and devices. To call it a revolution would be an...

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No-Phone Zones:   Reclaiming Your Sacred Personal Spaces

In the past decade, our collective living and work spaces have become more interesting than ever before. HGTV, the sustainable products movement, the tiny house trend, shared workspace and so many other compelling changes have launched a very different way of being in...

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E-Readers Let You Carry the World in Your Bag

This summer the iPhone reached a milestone birthday. Ten years old! Perhaps the most important Sponge Bob cake that was ever baked, but who knows what the wish was before the candles were blown out, so let’s just brace ourselves! Back when the bouncing baby pocket...

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Easy, Breezy Vacations Start at the Bank

If you're like me, it didn't take long for your social media timeline to start bursting at the seams with summer vacation pics. Some folks are on routine romps in the great outdoors. Others have taken on international extravaganzas, bubbling with old world charm and...

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Item Trackers Turn Lost Keys Into Old News

Because I refuse to haul around a Schneider-sized keychain, I routinely find myself ¾—always ¾—of the way to my office door before I have my apoplectic “I could have had a V8” moment and realize that my keys are still in the car.   Arrgh!   It’s genetic. My...

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Facing a Crisis? Crowdfunding Can Help

In a social media age when Hollywood indiscretions and cat videos go viral faster than little Billy’s flu-infused sneeze, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that there’s a very meaningful silver lining in the social media malaise. Not all is lost on the “interwebs!” One...

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Imagining a Driverless Future

Austin traffic: it’s dangerous; it’s boring; sometimes it’s even enraging—road rage enraging. Now, what if there was a magical technology that cleared traffic from the road, reduced accidents by 90 percent and eliminated your bumper to bumper commute? Sci-fi and...

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