New Year’s Resolution: Create a Peaceful Home Environment

Q.  I’m a single parent with a full–time job. I live with my mother, who watches my children (ages 6 and 9) when they’re out of school. She says when I’m home, I’m making things stressful for her and the kids. I’ll admit I’ve had a lot of difficulties recently, and...

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Having Enough, Being Enough

Q.  The holiday season always leaves my family stressed and deflated. The kids have a case of the “gimmes,” I feel the burden of trying to visit out-of-town extended family and when the holidays are over, we all seem disenchanted. How can we turn it around this year...

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What Can I Expect as a Kinship Caregiver?

Q.  My husband and I recently took in my cousin’s children when he and his ex-wife could no longer care for them. They’ve settled in, but are there any future challenges we should look out for? A.  There’s a set of challenges that most non-parental full-time...

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In Praise of Individual Sports

Q.  My son has dabbled in team sports—soccer and basketball—to mixed results. He seems to do better in individual sports; he likes swimming and he tried golf camp this summer. I’m having trouble giving up on the idea that team sports would do him more good. What can...

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How Can I Help My Shy Child?

Q. My 4th grader is shy and has a learning disability. We just moved here, and I’d love for her to make new friends. I don’t want to make this awkward for her by pointing out that I know she’s shy. How can I help her? A. Your question is a common concern of many...

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How to Talk About the Tough Stuff

Q. I’m doing fine answering the “why” questions my kids ask about everyday stuff like eating their veggies or bedtime. But I’m stumped on tough topics like divorce and war. I usually mumble something like, “Let’s talk about it later,” but later never comes. How can I...

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Is My Daughter Too Young to Be a Mother?

Q. My 18-year-old daughter is engaged to be married this summer. She’s happy—which makes me happy—and I like my future son-in-law. However, my daughter wants to start a family right away. I think they’re too young and will get stressed out trying to provide for a...

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Working Through a Fear of Dogs

Q.  Our 7-year-old son is terrified of dogs. I’ve no idea why, and he’s not afraid other critters. My husband thinks I’m too protective. He wants to give our son a puppy for his birthday, thinking that having his own dog will help him overcome his fear. What do you...

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I’m Too Tired for Date Night!

Q. How can my husband and I have a good relationship while raising young children? I’m a stay-at-home mom of two who’s too tired from a full day of caregiving to stay awake for a date night. And it’s expensive for us to go out. Is the classic date night the only...

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Will My Vegetarian Teen Get Enough Nutrients?

Q. Our 14-year-old son came home from school and announced he is now a vegetarian. This decision surprised us, because he’s never liked vegetables. Why do you think a hamburger-loving, vegetable-hating kid would suddenly decide to become a vegetarian? What can a...

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How Can I Help My Traumatized Kids?

Q. I recently left a bad relationship in which I was abused. I thought my kids (3, 7 and 13) were tough and would bounce right back. But friends have suggested I seek therapy for them. How can I tell if they are traumatized, and how can I help them? A. Many children...

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