You can almost hear the shrieks and squeals coming from your children as they run towards the tree on Christmas morning. Excitement is to be expected at this time of year, but you’re taking things to a whole new level this season.


A new puppy will be waiting under the tree Christmas morning!


You’ve wrapped the shiny new bowl and collar. You’ve bought the fluffy dog bed, the toys, and the bones. But have you flea proofed your home in preparation for your new family member?


Don’t be fooled by the myths that flea season is ONLY in the summer months. It’s true that flea populations are at their peak in the summer and fall months, but that doesn’t mean you (and your pets) are in the clear during the winter months. Fleas in early stages will simply go into dormancy waiting for a suitable host to come by. By making small adjustments to your home and yard area, you can significantly reduce the chances of fleas hopping onto your four legged Christmas gift.


Flea proofing your home and yard in preparation for a new puppy:


Before bringing your new friend home, check the pup to see if fleas are found. If even one is seen on your new puppy, contact your vet for any recommendations. Mild dawn dish soap works wonders on adult fleas. This quick check can help prevent introducing fleas into your home.


  • Check your pets regularly
  • Keep lawn mowed
  • Removed brush
  • Use natural insect repellent plants in your landscape, such as lemongrass, catnip, scented geraniums, and rosemary
  • Try natural, eco-friendly perimeter sprays that contain cedar oil or other natural pest control ingredients
  • Discourage wildlife from coming into your yard by keeping food and water sources to a minimum in your yard
  • Vacuum often
  • Launder pet bedding often
  • Fabric collars or bandannas allow you to add small amounts of essential oils, such as cedar or lavender oil, that serve as natural flea repellents


Fleas are not just an itchy annoyance. They can spread harmful diseases to a new puppy, and a sick puppy is the last thing you want to add to your Christmas list this season. In addition to these prevention tips, you may also consider enlisting the help of professionals that utilize the least toxic treatments plan for your and your new furry family members.


Chem-Free Pest and Lawn understands that pets are, indeed, a member of the family and can tailor an Eco-friendly plan to keep both human and furry relatives safe and happy this winter.



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