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Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau


Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau

11607 North Lamar Blvd (Lamar @Braker Ln), Austin, TX 78753


Camps: Half or Full Day Camp

Children age 21/2 to 5: Half or Full Day Camp

Half Day Camp Hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 12:00 p.m. – Cost: $150.00

Campers age 6 and up: Full Day Camp

Full Day Camp Hours: Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 3:00 p.m. – Cost: $225.00

Two weeks minimum enrollment

You can’t afford or can’t send your child to France for an
immersion summer camp?

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Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau  offers fully immersed summer programs without having to cross the Atlantic. Run by experienced and qualified Native Speakers and teachers known for their education, enthusiasm and experience, our summer camps are built on 30 years of experience of academic excellence and expertise in developing effective language immersion programs for all levels.

Our summer camps are divided into age based group abilities, depending on the age and number of our enrolled campers. Camps are open to our students and to non-students of the program as we welcome beginners and speakers of all levels.

Summer camps activities are bi-weekly based, and to offer a wide range of summer camps including indoors and outdoors activities.

ALL campers will attend morning sessions of intensive Language & Conversational classes.

Each year,  JJR summer camps week a combination of several activities such as Tennis, Swimming, Soccer, Mini-Volley-Ball, Gastronomy, Construction, Art & Crafts, Robotics, Hip-Hop, Chess, Painting, Printing, Singing, Soccer, Sculpting and Drawing.

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2015 Summer Camp Activities & Schedule

Session I 2015 June Camps (minimum of two weeks enrollment):  All sessions include morning French classes, performing arts, singing, and indoor and outdoor games, combined with afternoon  art projects such as painting, drawing, sculpting, and crafts:

Week 1: Painting

Week 2: Drawing

Week 3: Sculpting

Week 4: Crafts

Our French Art classes are a classic example of how, if you give kids a little direction, a little encouragement, and a few ideas, their creative energy will explode off the page and light up the room! Each time, we look at a different artist or style of art. It may be Georgia

O’Keeffe, Henry Matisse, Vincent Van Gogh, or cubism, abstraction, aboriginal art, or something they particularly want to learn about (one student was fascinated by Escher, another only wanted to paint Mark Rothko). We look at what elements are important in the work, and then they try it themselves. We use tempera paint, acrylic paint, pen and ink, paper, and canvas. In this delightful camp, children will also develop their drawing skills by starting with the basic line. From there, we will guide campers through the concepts of shape, form, shading, and color and oversee playful drawing exercises designed to encourage young campers to take risks and refine existing skills. The results are generally pretty wonderful, but we believe, and we teach, that the process is as important as the product! Sprinkle in a few crafts, and you have a fun Painting, Drawing, Sculpting and Crafts classes.

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Session II 2015 July Camps (minimum of three weeks): JJR students & campers will head to France for two to three weeks for overseas summer camps. Age requirement: 10 years old and up. Contact school for details to join the informational session in March for our overseas French summer camps.


Call (512) 339-6000 (leave a message)

Or email Subject: 2015 Summer Camps

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