Is Your Young Athlete Being Exposed to Infection?

Warmups, cool downs, hydration and safety gear—organized sports are often set up to keep your young athlete safe. But have you talked to your child about avoiding germs? Children who participate in organized sports may be exposed to diseases caused by infection....

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Is Your Young Adult Ready to Make Healthcare Decisions?

  Like most parents of a young adult, you’ve probably spent many hours in the pediatrician’s office over the years. Whether you took your child in for a “well visit” or a medical concern, you were there for most of the visits and made most of the decisions....

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Baby Carriers and Injury: What You Need to Know

Over 1.3 million young children go to the emergency department every year because of injuries related to nursery products like baby carriers, cribs, mattresses, strollers, baby walkers and high chairs. Baby carriers are the most frequent cause of those visits; over...

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Do Old Tires Make a Crummy Surface?

Tire crumb is recycled rubber from old tires that is ground up into crumbs. These crumbs are used to make playground surfaces for cushioning under swings, slides and other play equipment. Tire crumbs also are used to make synthetic turf—green plastic grass...

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The Danger in Neglecting Baby Teeth

Early childhood caries is the term dentists use for decay in a child’s “baby” teeth. It’s a rapid form of tooth decay caused by infectious bacteria. The number of children getting early childhood caries is on the rise, particularly in low-income families. In fact,...

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Kids and Guns:  What Parents Need to Know

Over one-third of Texans own guns. Guns are a frequent topic of debate. However, everyone agrees that we want our children to avoid harm from gun-related injury. In 2015, about 4,500 children and adolescents died from guns. Check your knowledge of gun-safety so that...

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Your Summer Camp Health Checklist

After hours of searching, researching and enrolling your child in just the right summer camps, you breathe a sigh of relief. But wait! Follow this checklist to make sure you’ve planned for your child’s health and safety this summer. Physical Exams and Immunization...

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What Your Child Needs to Know About Dogs

Here’s a “safety talk” to have with your child: what to do when interacting with dogs. You’ve probably had many conversations about how to cross the street, how to deal with strangers and other safety concerns. But what are you teaching her about staying safe around...

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How Much Sugar Is Your Child Consuming?

“Kids can’t help it! We love sweets,” laments Jonas, a 3rd grader at UT Elementary. That’s confirmed by a recent report showing US children consume about 19 teaspoons of added sugars a day—more than 3 times the recommended amount. And parents love to give kids sweets:...

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Are You Treating Your Child’s Cough the Right Way?

Chances are, your child will get a cough this year. In fact, coughs are one of the most common reasons that children see a doctor. To make sure your child gets better and not worse, you must be knowledgeable and prepared. It’s important to know what to do, what not to...

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