austin learning logo” The mission of Austin Learning Center is to help all students achieve their personal best.  This includes enabling students to become more effective and efficient independent learners and to connect more meaningfully with information. We attempt to reach this goal by helping students to develop skills that are applicable to the learning environment as a whole and open doors to future learning.  We recognize that each person is an individual with distinct needs, backgrounds, learning styles, strengths and goals – and we acknowledge and appreciate each person.


We stand behind our work and believe in all that we do.  We respect our employees and value their contributions to the center.  We likewise respect our students and genuinely care about the value and outcomes of our services.  We aim to be the very best at what we do and provide services that are founded in research and delivered with excellence.


We promote a safe and cheerful environment in which students feel welcomed, comfortable to ask questions and able to convey their academic needs.  Parents are also valued and respected and we aim to serve as a resource to them as they work to find support for their children in a demanding and competitive world.  We champion the goals of each individual and work together to make those goals come to fruition.


Tutors set the tone for a relaxed atmosphere where students feel welcome, comfortable, accepted and appreciated.  While we are serious about learning and are focused on the academic success of each student, we aim to make the tutoring process enjoyable for ourselves and our students.”


Voted by Austin Family Magazine readers as Favorite Tutoring Center




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