How to Get Teens Out of Bed in the Morning

Q.We have two boys, ages 13 and 16. My husband leaves early for work, so it’s my job to get the boys up, ready for school and out to the car for the drive to school. I have to call them several times before they finally get up. By then I’m frantic, because we barely...

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My Toddler’s Tantrums Are Getting Worse

Q.  My 2-year-old son is having trouble giving up playtime. A while ago, I noticed when I ask him to stop playing so we can leave the house or eat or go to bed, he throws a tantrum. So, I was just letting him tire himself out. But recently, he started banging his head...

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What If I Don’t Want Another Baby?

Q. Our son is 3 years old and an only child. Lately, my husband has been talking a lot about having another baby. I know he gets pressure from his parents, because our son is their only grandchild. My mother-in-law has made it clear she’d love to buy cute little girl...

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Even Young Kids Can Be Affected by Domestic Abuse

Q.  I’m in a bad situation. My husband yells at me in front of our children (2 and 7 years old). He says I’m fat and lazy. He says he hates me. Once in a while, he hits me, but not where anyone could see. I’m staying with him for now because I have nowhere to go and...

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Not Perfect, But Good Enough

Q. We were eating in a restaurant when my 16-year-old son blurted out “You’re bad parents!” This presumably because we took away his cell phone during the meal. He said he was expecting an important text from his girlfriend. He and his sister left and started walking...

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11 Things to Try When Your Child Refuses to Go to School

Q. My son is 14 and often refuses to go to school. Sometimes, I can convince him to get in the car, but then he’ll refuse to go inside. If I walk him into the school, later he’ll have a physical complaint such as a stomachache or headache, and I’ll get a call from the...

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Little by Little, Work on Skills All Summer

Q. This summer, all my kids want to do is have fun. They ask to swim and play all day. They ask to eat junk food while skipping vegetables and fruit. I enjoy the summer break too, but when do I need to get them ready for the next school year? A. I’m all in for summer...

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Just Lively or Something Else: Do My Boys Have ADHD?

Q. My husband and I have two boys (3 and 6), and both their teachers tell me they can’t sit still. The younger one won’t stay on the rug during story time. His older brother is often in trouble for not staying in his seat. I know the teachers are frustrated, and I...

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Strategies for Solving the Selfish Child Problem

Q.  My 9-year-old daughter is so selfish. We live with my sister and her kids (ages 5 and 2). My daughter won’t share or let them in her room. She’s disrespectful to me and my sister. I’m irritated with having to tell her the same thing over and over. How can I get my...

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Help Girls to Speak Up and Speak Out

Q.  My friend just discovered that her teenaged daughter was sexually abused years ago but didn’t tell her. My husband and I have three girls (14, 11 and 7). If someone even tries to abuse one of them, I want her to tell me so I can stop it. Why don’t girls who’ve...

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Time Outs Can Be Effective With the Right Technique

Q.  My husband and I have two sons (18 months and 4 years). They are a handful. One of my friends suggested using time outs, but I’ve heard they don’t work. Is my toddler too young for time outs, and do you think they work? A.  Some people believe time outs don’t work...

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How to Teach Lessons About Consent

Q.  My husband and I work hard to raise our boys (ages 3, 7 and 11) to be good men. All the news about powerful men being accused of sexual misconduct has me wondering. What lessons should I be teaching my sons so they understand appropriate sexual behavior? A....

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