Make an Air Cannon

Gather your supplies and get ready, because we’re about to create an air cannon that can combat air resistance to send a pom-pom ball soaring into the air. That pom-pom won’t know what hit it. What You Need 16-oz. paper cup Duct tape Pencil Plastic newspaper bag or...

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Three Healthy Treats

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a trio of healthy treats. These recipes are packed with nutrition, flavor and more importantly, love. They’re not only delicious, they’re also whimsical and fun to eat as a lunch box treat or party snack. FROZEN YOGURT BITES This...

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You can learn about three forces — gravity, adhesion and cohesion — with one nifty experiment! You see, water molecules are attracted to each other. This is called cohesion. Water molecules are also attracted to other molecules, like the ones in the string. This is...

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Jolly Gingerbread

The countdown to Christmas is underway, but there’s still plenty of time get into the holiday spirit. We’ve got the scoop on how to make a festive classic: the gingerbread house. Gather family and friends to build this iconic holiday craft. You can even create a...

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Stained Glass Autumn Leaves

This sensory-related art experience results in beautiful “stained-glass” leaves to brighten any window on a fall day. It’s a perfect activity for toddlers through early elementary school-age kids using simple household materials. An adult’s help will be needed for...

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Make a Bat Decoration

Happy October, everyone! We’re getting into the spooky spirit with a fun craft for all ages. Austin is known for its large migrating bat population, and we think it’s high time we celebrate these amazing, airborne animals! Learn how to make your very own paper bat and...

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Paper Rockets

Three … two … one… BLAST OFF! Today you’re an aerospace engineer, and your goal is to make a rocket fly.  As you exhale, the air in your lungs will move through a straw and into the rocket. When the air enters the rocket, it has nowhere else to go, so pressure will...

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Bento Lunchboxes

With this creative take on back-to-school lunches, kids will look forward to exploring their lunchbox and eating a fun, healthy meal. In Japan, bento is a style of meal that’s elaborately decorated and divided into sections. The bento method is a fun way to try new...

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Catching Bubbles

Have you ever tried to catch a bubble? If you have, chances are it popped as soon as it touched your hand. In this experiment, you will learn a simple way to catch bubbles, by understanding how surface tension works.   What You Need Stretchy cotton gloves A...

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Make a Summer Countdown Chain!

Did you know the first day of summer (also known as the Summer Solstice) is June 21? We’re counting the days until summer officially begins with the help of a DIY countdown chain!   What You Need Multicolored construction paper (yellow, green, blue and red) Glue...

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Make a puppet

We love puppets — floppy ones, colorful ones, big, small, all of them. And most of all, we love a puppet show. Here’s how you can make fun (and simple) puppets out of items you probably have on hand.   What You Need * A variety of wooden spoons (plastic will...

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5 Kid-Friendly Plants to Grow

Did you know April is National Garden Month? This April, celebrate the flora with five easy plants for kids to grow. Research shows gardening and planting enriches the lives of our kids, so grab your shovel and meet us in the garden! Gardening encourages healthy...

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