Use your creative problem-solving skills to twist, bend and curve wire to create unique three-dimensional artwork! This maker activity provides an opportunity for kids to have fun while exploring STEAM concepts like malleability, structural integrity, form and composition.


Materials you’ll need:

  • Use to cut, bend, twist or shape wire.
  • Used for decoration or to add a playful element.
  • Wire and pipe cleaners. Flexible materials that can be bent and shaped.

Styrofoam (optional). Sturdy material is used to hold up the sculpture.


Step one: Bend, twist and form.

  • Bend, curve or flex the wire to create angles and shapes. Twist, rotate or spiral the wire around itself to add texture or create interesting patterns.


Step two: Decorate!

  • Add beads to incorporate more shapes and pops of colors to your artwork.


Step three (optional): Add a base.

  • Add wires and pipe cleaners onto a Styrofoam base to keep it sturdy. No need for this step if your imagination takes you in a different direction.
  • Have a maker under 5?
  • Have littles explore the same hands-on concepts of bending, shaping and twisting using tin foil.


Thinkery is a nonprofit children’s museum that brings joy to learning through play-based STEAM exploration for all children. Learn more at

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