Do Dress Codes Target Girls?

When I write, most of my research begins with a Facebook post and informal chats with friends. I like hearing people’s thoughts on a topic before I start writing, to ensure a broader perspective. Twenty minutes after my post on dress codes went up, it was readily...

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Summer Reading for Every Level

Teachers often warn of the dreaded summer slide – the decline in reading ability and other academic skills that can occur over the summer months, when school is not in session. Just 20 minutes of reading a day will help your child retain his or her reading skills, and...

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David’s Law Supports Victims of Cyberbullying

David Molak tried to get away. He even transferred to a different school, but the cyberbullying continued. Then in January 2016, the 16-year-old from San Antonio took his own life. But because the bullying wasn’t physical, and there wasn’t enough evidence to meet the...

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The Lowdown on Homeschooling

There are as many different reasons to homeschool as there are parenting styles. Some parents choose homeschooling for religious reasons, so they can incorporate more of their faith into their child’s day. Other parents make the choice so they can control the content...

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Reimagining a Bright Future for All Students

My oldest has never really fit the standard academic mold. She is a creative dreamer. She is gifted in art, and her singing voice has moved many people to tears, not just counting family. She’s obviously bright, inquisitive and finely tuned-in to people’s emotions....

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Play Breaks Give Students the Winning Edge

One look at a child, and you know she is meant to be a body in motion. Why then did schools begin reducing recess and physical education time? Many blame it on standardized testing, as the need to demonstrate good scores affected the prioritization of academics at the...

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Montessori Practices You Can Put to Work at Home

Most parents have heard of Montessori schools and might have a basic understanding of how they operate. If you're like me, however, you haven't thought about incorporating Montessori practices into your home, especially if your child doesn’t attend a Montessori...

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Modern Classrooms Let Kids Move All Day Long

Our childhood classrooms, with their long rows of stationary desks, are gradually disappearing. They’re being replaced by rooms thoughtfully designed to incorporate more movement into the daily student experience. Teachers are also working to include kinesthetic...

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The Many Advantages of Dual Language Programs

This year for the first time, our school district offered a dual language program, and my husband and I strongly considered enrolling our twins. We ultimately decided against it for several reasons, including that it required a change of campus and our children being...

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Why Technology in the Classroom Deserves a Closer Look

I’m revealing my age by saying that I can remember getting our first black and white home computer, which took pride of place in the dining room for the whole family to use. My first cell phone didn’t come until college, when social media was non-existent.   Our...

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529 College Savings Plans, Explained

Saving for college can be overwhelming - the savings options alone can make your head spin! The 529 plan is arguably the most well-known college savings vehicle. This overview will give you a better understanding of the popular plan and can help you make the best...

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