12 Steps to Considering a Private School

There are a host of reasons why parents send their children to private schools. For some it is a smaller teacher-student ratio and more individualized attention. For others, it is the religious grounding their children receive. For still others, it is to better...

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Local Authors Help Dudes Become Dads

One day a while back, Austin-based counselor Kirsten Brunner logged onto Twitter, looking to connect with other like-minded professionals serving parents. She soon knew she wanted to meet Brian Salmon. The San Antonio-based doula had a unique energy that caught her...

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Nature RX: Lift Your Spirits with a Walk in the Woods

We’re lucky enough here in Austin to have mild winters. That means if the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has you feeling worn thin, a bit of time outside might be all the therapy you – and your family – need. Sarah Ivens, author of Forest Therapy: Seasonal...

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Drunk Driving Accidents: Is Your Teen at Risk?

Being the parent of a teen driver may be a big source of daily stress and worry. While having a teen driver can free up some of the drive time you used to devote to shuttling kids to and from events, it can be difficult to hand over the keys and let your teen out on...

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Rethinking the Meaningful Gift

Kathy Terry is one half of the couple behind P. Terry’s Burger Stands. Kathy and Patrick Terry founded the business 13 years ago and have recently launched a new concept, Taco Ranch. But the project Kathy led on her own, and the one that best demonstrates her heart...

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Kids Waiting to Be Adopted Don’t Need Superheroes

The first time my parents decided to adopt was on a beach. A friend was telling them about a little boy she worked with whom no one wanted. Without missing a beat, my mom said, “We’ll take him.” And they did.   Sure, there were things to do: classes to take,...

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Charity Begins at Home: Encouraging a Giving Spirit in Children

In this age of selfies, societal messages can tell us our worth is tied to the superficial approval and envy we obtain from “friends” who barely know us. In this environment, it’s acceptable to believe we’re the center of our own worlds. Ironically, experts tell us...

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9 Ways to Keep Family Hikes Fun

“Another bridge!” my daughter yells and rushes up to bounce across the boards over the creek. Bridges are a favorite on our family hikes — that and the chocolate in the trail mix. We hike a lot as a family. Some days, it’s tough to get the kids going, but then they...

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Put a Spark in Your Family Campfire

Whether you’re nestled deep in the woods sitting on logs beside your tent or chilling out on chairs in your backyard, gathering around a campfire is often a highlight of fall and winter nights.   The warmth of a crackling campfire creates the perfect setting for...

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