Bicycle Basics: Free-Wheeling Safely at Every Age

Want to encourage a lifetime of fitness, fun and freedom? Bicycling offers all three, and today’s young riders are safer than ever. Per government statistics, kids’ fatalities from bike accidents have dropped 62 percent since 1999. But that doesn’t mean you should...

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Tejano Music Spots a Rising Star

It’s no small thing to be compared to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, the late and beloved Tejano singer from south Texas who rose to fame in the ‘80s and ‘90s with hits like “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” But Mia Garcia, a bubbly and energetic 11-year-old Austinite, is worthy of the...

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Introverted Kids Smash the Team Sports Mold

There's no doubt, team sports offer an array of benefits to kids. Team sports provide opportunities for kids to develop friendships, work as a team, problem solve, learn good sportsmanship and much more. But what if your kid just isn’t interested in being on a team?...

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Choose a Camp Your Child Will Love

My poor mom. When I was a kid, she only had one choice of where to send me for summer camp: THE town camp. It was a traditional, 6-hour day camp with a heavy emphasis on sports, which was great for a vast swath of children. But not so great for me. I was more of a...

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Visiting Great Wolf Lodge: Endless Family Fun

Once stepping inside of Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine’s indoor water park and resort, it’s easy to lose all sense of time and space. Every inch of the kid Mecca is filled with something to do or some interactive feature that will keep every kid entertained until...

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Children’s Music Helps Miss Ariel Soar

The work kept her going. Through chemo and recovery from cancer surgery, Ariel Czerwinski, who performs for children as Miss Ariel, kept thinking about that CD she wanted to finish. “I was still in the hospital, recovering from the surgery, thinking, ‘If I do anything...

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7 Questions for Your Summer Camp Provider

Your child’s summer will undoubtedly include a bit of enrichment, and summer camps offer a smorgasbord of choices, from riding camps to writing camps and everything in between. So, when it’s time to find the right fit for your child, wouldn’t it be great to line them...

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12 Steps to Considering a Private School

There are a host of reasons why parents send their children to private schools. For some it is a smaller teacher-student ratio and more individualized attention. For others, it is the religious grounding their children receive. For still others, it is to better...

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Local Authors Help Dudes Become Dads

One day a while back, Austin-based counselor Kirsten Brunner logged onto Twitter, looking to connect with other like-minded professionals serving parents. She soon knew she wanted to meet Brian Salmon. The San Antonio-based doula had a unique energy that caught her...

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Nature RX: Lift Your Spirits with a Walk in the Woods

We’re lucky enough here in Austin to have mild winters. That means if the hustle and bustle of the holiday season has you feeling worn thin, a bit of time outside might be all the therapy you – and your family – need. Sarah Ivens, author of Forest Therapy: Seasonal...

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Drunk Driving Accidents: Is Your Teen at Risk?

Being the parent of a teen driver may be a big source of daily stress and worry. While having a teen driver can free up some of the drive time you used to devote to shuttling kids to and from events, it can be difficult to hand over the keys and let your teen out on...

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