It’s the time of the year when parents are busy taking all the necessary steps to complete their kids’ essential checklist once they get back to school. While this year is a different one from the rest, it does not mean you’ll let everything fall short. We’ve gathered up the must-have school supplies your child needs and a few more tips to get things done for you.


What Back To School Supplies Do Your Child Need


Your toddler is surely as excited as everyone else, especially if they’ve been staying home for quite some time now. If you’re trying to complete the list that has been sent to your home for reference, then it’s about time you start searching for these items now. But which one should go first or are there any essentials you’ll need to consider getting first? 


From reference books to water bottles to lucky charms, we’ve got everything covered. Whether you’ll go for traditional bags or Rolling Backpacks for Toddlers that makes carrying things extra convenient, you’ve got to determine a few factors here. One thing’s for sure, your child is more than delighted to have something new out of the ordinary items they have at home and school. 


Before you go out shopping for the best school supplies, you might want to consider the following factors: 


  • Quality – The quality of the product that you’ll purchase matters. For example, why would you invest in something cheap but will easily break? Then you’ll end up buying stuff and will cost you more than your target budget. 
  • Usability – How often will your child use these school supplies? identify if it’s short-term use or long-term use and decide from there.
  • Cost – Finding a more affordable item for the same purpose can help you save money without compromising quality. 


Essential Back to School Checklist


Once you have determined essential factors from usability to quality and your budget, you’ll easily identify which back-to-school supply matters the most. Then you can weigh your options and check out this complete toddler’s school supply checklist to help you out. 


  • Backpack

Your tot will be taking with them various school supplies all week long. so buying a good quality backpack is vital and a great investment. Those that come with rollers or wheels with cute kid-friendly designs are a must-have for every child’s learning journey. Check for backpacks that come with multiple compartments, padded, waterproof, and have reflective materials.


  • Organizer

Your child will not remember everything but only the great things, mostly. An organizer can help your child learn to manage their priorities at a young age. 


  • Labels

Never underestimate the power of placing your child’s name on all his or her belongings. You can opt for personalized labels like sew-on clothing, printable, peel & stick, and more. You’ll have endless possibilities when it comes to labeling your child’s valuables to prevent loss.


  • Water Bottle

Thwart any possible dehydration by investing in a good quality water bottle with great design your child will surely adore. But before going the extra mile, check with school or classroom rules about their policy, if there is any.


  • Reference books

To make sure your tot gets the best and up-to-date learning experience, stock up with the latest editions and other references for your child’s vocabulary. 


  • Calendar

There are plenty of activities for your toddler once the school year starts. It’s a wiser move to get a calendar to mark all important dates. 


  • Lucky charm

Is it your child’s first-time to transition from home to school? Why not consider giving his or her a lucky charm that reminds them of something they’ll feel at home or secured, or something that will remind them of you! 


Pandemic back-to-school checklist;


There are always basic ‘essential’ school supplies that come to your kid’s backpack every year. But this year is different. Since it’s still pandemic, these must-have go-to school extras are worth including on your to-buy list for your toddler’s safety. 


  • Hand sanitizer – Refillable and easy to use keychain hand sanitizer so your kid won’t have to share with everyone. Find at least 60% alcohol-based one. Just check with the school if they can supervise to prevent exposure to harmful compounds on kids.  


  • Face mask or coverings – Teach your child how to use and wear face coverings when outdoors. While it can be uncomfortable for young kids, they need to learn the importance of wearing one and the purpose of why they need it. Label the mask with your kid’s name and indicate how to wear it properly.


  • Resealable mask container – Provide an easy to use and reseal container for your child to keep their mask when not wearing it, especially when eating.


  • Extra mask – Extra or spare mask is vital in case your child’s face coverings break or get a little dirt along the day. 


  • Tissues – A personal tissue pack is ideal in case your child will need to cough or sneeze while at school or outdoors.




Getting everything ready and complete before the school year starts is vital. This gives you ample time to prepare as your child does too. You can orient your child on what to do on certain occasions while out of the house. The checklist above will give you great ideas for the next school year with extra precautions. 


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