Every year the 22-member staff at Terra Toys makes a list of their favorite play-tested toys for the year. During the month of December, come enjoy live demos of hundreds of toys, including the Top 10, and support local while you play!

1. The MyLand Car
For the curious toddler, this sturdy yet elegant car requires no buttons or batteries. Place the toy passengers into their color-matching seats, and the car magically lights up with soft driving engine sounds! Promotes play and STEM education.

2. Green Toys Farm Set
Made in the USA from 100 percent recycled bottles, this 13-piece compact and portable set is adorable, versatile and even dishwasher safe. Its ideal size integrates well into most other play sets, from trains to water toys and building blocks.

3. Quercetti Pixel Art Sets
Create an astounding work of art with over a thousand tiny colored pegs. Reveal an entire image pixel by pixel, illustrating the principle known as “spatial color mixing.” This unique, Italian-made kit. Enhances fine motor skills and explores artistic creativity.

4. Onyx Magic Set
Here is the ultimate magician’s kit, featuring every tool your little illusionist needs to start a career in magic. This staff-tested box includes 200 magic tricks, as well as detailed instructions. Master every trick with this comprehensive set.

5. Laser Peg Dinosaur
Build 24 different dinosaurs from colorful interlocking bricks, then make them light up and flash with the sound-activated power base! This 220-piece set enhances fine motor and spatial reasoning skills.

6. Playmobil Space Shuttle
Built of the German-made heavy duty plastic for which Playmobil is known, this set includes everything from a launch countdown to a planet-roving robot. Bring missions to life with realistic sound effects and light up rocket trails, all while encouraging visual-spatial skills, logic, imaginative play and an interest in space exploration.

7. Evolution Y-Bike
This ingenious ride-on vehicle evolves to match your growing child’s ability. The Y-Bike evolution starts as a tricycle then converts to a 2- or 3-wheeled balance bike. The Y-Bike builds strength, coordination and balance.

8. Aso-Blocks
For the construction block lover, these new Japanese-made building blocks employ a unique ball-joint connection, allowing you to create fully-poseable figures and leaving no limits to the shapes you can design.

9. The Swurfer
The most versatile swing ever, a surfboard-like plank is combined with sturdy rope and two wooden handles, allowing for a variety of cool moves and tricks. Stand up for an extreme, high-flying thrill or sit for a relaxing, rocking swing. The hard maple board and mold-resistant rope hold up to 250 pounds.

10. Konus Microscope Set
Explore the micro-world with this high-quality microscope, strong enough to see cells. Get started with one of the prepared slides, switch on the LED illuminator and look through the lens. The larger-size knob turns smoothly to let kids easily adjust the focus. Comes with supplies for conducting all kinds of experiments and encourages exploration, scientific learning, an interest in biology and chemistry.

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