April Reviews
Author: Pam Heller

For Younger Readers
Sleep Like a Tiger

by Mary Logue
As bedtime approaches, a small girl announces to her parents that she is not tired. Her wise and understanding parents say she doesn’t have to sleep but she must put on her pajamas and get ready for bed. She and her parents then talk about the different ways animals fall asleep, using family pets and stuffed animals as their models. The little girl’s imagination takes her on a journey where comfort and trust lull her to a restful sleep. The lyrical presentation of the text and the luminescent illustrations of dreamscapes makes this bedtime read magical. For ages 3 to 6.

One Cool Friend
by Toni Buzzeo
Elliot is a quiet young boy who prefers tuxedos over blue jeans. His father is an uncool, absent-minded sort of naturalist. On a trip to the aquarium, Elliot is delighted to see the formally dressed penguins and asks his dad if he can get one. His dad agrees and hands him some money, assuming Elliot means to buy a stuffed penguin at the gift shop. Instead, Elliot picks up one of the live penguins and brings him home in his backpack. Once home, Elliot does his research and creates an elaborate environment for his new friend, Magellan the penguin. When his father unexpectedly discovers Magellan in the bathtub, he and Elliot come to a surprising, happy agreement and discover common attributes in each other. For ages 5 to 8.

For Older Readers

by Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst, host of “Survivor,” has written the first in what promises to be a series of family adventure stories. Vanessa, Buzz, Carter and Jane are four adolescent step-siblings trying to adapt to their new family circumstances. A family vacation is planned to give them the opportunity go get better acquainted. On a five-day boat expedition in Hawaii a storm blows up suddenly, resulting in the kids being separated from the adults and shipwrecked on an uncharted island. The story is told from the different perspectives of the four kids as they discover they must work together and rely on each of their strengths in order to survive and be rescued. A sequel, “Trial by Fire,” is coming in June. For ages 9 to 13.

Emily Windsnap and the Land of the Midnight Sun
by Liz Kessler
The fifth adventure in this best-selling series continues with Emily confronting a sea of troubles on a dangerous journey to the Land of the Midnight Sun. King Neptune sends Emily and her boyfriend Aaron on a top secret mission to find the source of strange storms that he perceives as the warning of an approaching threat. With only pieces of dreams as clues, they set off in search of an Alpine lake filled with magical reflections that show what “could be” rather than “what is.” With plot twists, quick action, double crosses, suspense and an unexpected ending, this is a definite page-turner. The story is a blend of adventure, fantasy, mystery and a little romance.

For ages 9 to 13.

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