Are you suddenly standing in as an art teacher while kids are at home? Here is our short list of tips that will help you navigate the waters.


Don’t sweat the supplies

Turn old newsprint, junk mail, snack boxes, or note pads into canvases for little budding artists. Beyond standard utensils like crayons, pencils, markers, and chalk, other materials like stickers, tape, and even clay, can be incorporated into drawing activities. Recycled materials like milk jug caps, cardboard cutouts, and foil are great for stencils.


Let children lead

Observe and comment on the process rather than the outcome. Resist the urge to interrupt or correct as doing so could stifle the learning process and possibly a child’s self-confidence. Use phrases like “Look at all of the lines you drew! Some are long and some are short.” Be sure to comment on what you like about a drawing and why you like it.


Listen to the story

Rather than asking questions like “What is it?” ask open-ended questions like “Can you tell me about your drawing?” which will provide more opportunity for children to open up about the story behind their work.


Tap into emotion

Children gain a valuable tool when they’re able to express emotions through drawing. Keep drawing supplies readily available and offer them to your little ones when you see them entering rough emotional waters.


Host an art show at home

Find a spot in the home to hang up completed drawings or create a rotating gallery. Save select pieces in a portfolio, so that over time you can share the excitement of observing progress in the child’s drawing skills. Congratulate your little one on their commitment to practicing drawing rather than the quality of the final outcome.


Provided by YMCA of Austin, a dynamic association of men, women, and children joined together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living, and fostering a sense of social responsibility.

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