Back to School Sustainably
The City of Austin’s Office of Sustainability offers these suggestions for reducing waste as students settle into their new school year routines.

Litter-less Lunchtimes

Pack lunches and snacks in sustainable containers that are washable and reusable. Take the extra step by packing reusable or compostable eating utensils, napkins and a refillable water bottle.

Sustainable Supplies

Take an inventory of what you have from last year and reuse what you can. Opt for recycled and recyclable supplies like paper, notebooks, folders and binders.

Impart Impact

Teach kids to use only the resources that are needed, such as water, paper and electricity. Explain the environmental impact of choices
and actions.


Budget Bytes

If your child needs a new computer or tablet, consider buying a refurbished product. It’s a great way to buy electronics without breaking the bank. You will also help to reduce landfill waste.


Rethink Routes

Change your routine to limit driving and reduce emissions. Organize carpools, walk or bike to school when possible.

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