September marks Baby Safety Month and serves as a reminder for all caregivers, including parents and grandparents, to freshen up on their car seat knowledge. We’ve got the latest car seat safety tips caregivers should know when traveling with children in the backseat:


  • Stay up to date on the latest car seat safety guidelines. A 2022 survey commissioned by Chicco revealed that nearly three in four (72%) grandparents are very or extremely confident when it comes to installing a car seat for their grandchild(ren), however, a majority (66%) have not installed a car seat in at least 20 years. Before transporting grandchildren, it’s important for grandparents to learn the latest car seat installation guidelines. A great place to start is reading the car seat’s instruction manual or watching the manufacturer’s installation videos.


  • Seek resources when installing a car seat: Results from another Chicco survey of parents revealed that 75% had to install their child’s car seat by themselves during the pandemic, without the help of a professional, while 49% relied upon information found online. Proper car seat use is critical to child safety and parents can look to resources like the QR code found on the OneFit ClearTex® All-in-One to instantly access videos on how to securely and properly install a car seat.


  • Look for these elements when researching a car seat: Choosing a car seat can be a big responsibility and the same survey of parents found that car seats (49%) topped the list with parents spending the most time researching among baby products. While many may not know where to start when it comes to car seats, the top three features parents should look out for are ease of install, child comfort, and correct child fit.


For parents looking for additional car seat safety information, offers resources including “How To Choose A Car Seat”, Car Seat Comparisons and Step-by-Step Installation Videos.


By Josh Dilts, Chicco Child Passenger Safety Technician

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