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[kroh-muh-tog-ruh-fee] Named after the Greek word for color, chromatos, chromatography means to separate a substance through a medium. Chromatography is used in the fields of biochemistry and analytical chemistry. In this activity, explore the science of chromatography while making colorful art.



  • 1 coffee filter (or paper towel)
  • Markers
  • 1 empty cup
  • 1 cup with water (or isopropyl alcohol)
  • 1 eyedropper
  • A place for your art to dry



1. Make a cool drawing on the coffee filter with your markers. Be sure to leave a little white space so your colors can spread.


2. Place the coffee filter on top of the empty cup.


3. Using the eyedropper, drip water over the cup. (This way you have less to clean up after the activity.)chromo-art-2


4. Set your art out to dry.


Once dry, find a spot on the wall to hang your awesome art!chromo-art-3

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