When you receive a unique gift, it makes you feel loved and respected. It is visible at a glance how much work and good thought someone put into making you happy. That is why it’s important to always spend at least a moment choosing the best present for your friends and family so that they feel the same way.


The best solution would be to make something on your own. DIY methods (“Do It Yourself”) are a popular way of creating or modifying things without professionals’ help. Everyone can try their DIY skills to make a thoughtful gift. DIY presents are not only the opportunity to present someone you love with something made with love, but it’s also a chance for you to show your creativity.


DIY gifts are usually not expensive, while the actual value of an item is often much higher than those bought in the store. Your effort is the currency used to create such gifts, and incredible gratitude is what you will get in return.


Here are some tips on what DIY present you can make without spending a lot of money, but having a lot of fun instead:


A Custom T-shirt


Make someone happy by designing a T-shirt for them by yourself. Maybe your close friend has a saying that he or she often uses, and it became their catchphrase? You can put those words on a T-shirt and be sure that it will bring a wide smile to their face when they get it.


A custom T-shirt is an excellent idea for a personalized present; go crazy with colors, texts, and style to make sure you show somebody’s character. And now it’s easier than ever, as you can print a T-Shirt on demand online. All you have to do is pick a shirt’s style, put your design on it, and wait until it is delivered to your door.


If you think that the words do not reflect what you want to show, try to choose a beautiful photo and ask for printing it on a shirt. It can be a photo taken on your trip together, a funny situation, or a picture of your friend’s pet. It is important that the photo evokes positive emotions. After all, you want this gift to be received with joy and remembered for a long time.


A Jar of Bath Fizzies


Bath balls, bath bombs, or bath fizzies are sure to make anyone’s day more pleasant. And you can make this gift even better by making the balls yourself. They not only look cute, but also smell beautiful, and when thrown into a hot bath, they start melting, releasing the calming smells and improving the mood.


To make such a ball or fizzies, you will need to stir together the citric acid and baking soda. These ingredients, when put together into the water, begin a chemical reaction, creating bubbles. Add a few drops of your chosen food coloring and some essential oils for scent. Mix all the ingredients and put them into an ice-cube tray; it will give them its shape. Try to use a silicon one that will enable you to get the cubes out without breaking them. Let it dry overnight, and the next day, put them into a beautiful jar.


If you decide to make balls of various scents, make sure to put each type in a separate container. Sign each jar using colored markers and stickers. You can add a lovely ribbon that matches the color of fizzies, and tie it around the cap.


DIY Bookmarks


Do you know a reading enthusiast who hasn’t finished one book yet and is already starting another? These people will always need more and more bookmarks, and they will be grateful if you decide to provide them.


To make a bookmark, you will need:

  • Card stock
  • Paper yarn
  • Watercolor
  • Sketch pen


Cut a bookmark from card stock. Doodle some simple characters, e.g., cats, and color them with watercolors or a sketch pen. Make a small hole on the top of your bookmark when you’re done coloring in order to add a tag. You can use a paper yarn and create a loop knot.


Tassels look cute on bookmarks, and you can make them by using an embroidery thread. Wrap the thread around the fingers several times, tie at one end, and cut them so that they form a fluffy tassel. Trim it and fasten your tassel to your bookmark.




DIY presents show your commitment and sincere desire to give something nice to another person. If you think you don’t have manual skills, don’t be discouraged. Usually, things to do yourself are not difficult at all, and the instructions for doing them are clear and uncomplicated. You can’t spoil anything here!


It’s a great way to show how much you are committed and care about a person. The effort put into a gift means much more than money spent on it, especially in today’s world, where everyone is always busy. So if you’re looking for a way to please someone and be a little creative, DIY methods are something to turn to. Such a gesture will be remembered for a long time and will allow you to strengthen your bond.


©Paula Sieracka


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