Father’s Day began in 1910 at the YMCA in Spokane, Washington, after a young woman named Sonora Louise Smart wondered why there wasn’t a day dedicated to celebrating fathers. She was the daughter of a Civil War veteran whose wife passed away, leaving him to raise Senora and her five siblings alone.


Smart initially wanted the day to be on her father’s birthday on June 5, but ultimately it fell on the third Sunday in June. In 1972, President Richard Nixon officially signed Father’s Day into law, making it a national holiday.


Today, celebrating Father’s Day often calls to mind backyard barbecues, days at the lake or beach, or playing or watching your dad’s favorite sport like golf or baseball. Because shopping for dads can often be challenging, making a homemade Father’s Day gift can be a better option. One of our favorites for families with young kids is a soda can succulent planter, which is simple to make, easy to maintain, and will remind dads of our love for months or even years to come as it sits handsomely on his desk, counter or shelf.


Materials needed: Soda can, can opener, hammer, nail, handful of pebbles, potting soil, small succulent.

Step 1: Grab an empty can of your dad’s favorite soda; look for one with an especially colorful or meaningful design.

Step 2: Turn the can upside down and tap three or four holes into the bottom with the hammer.

Step 3: Use the can opener to remove the top of the can.

Step 4: Drop in a handful of pebbles or small rocks to aid in drainage.

Step 5: Fill the can with potting soil; look for soil specifically suited for succulents.

Step 6: Remove the succulent from its container and massage the packed soil to loosen the roots

Step 7: Place the succulent into the top of the can and loosely pack additional soil around the top to ensure the plant is secure.

Step 8: Lightly water the plant, find the best place to set it, and you’re done!

DIY soda can planter

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