Here is a fun magic trick you can do with a friend at home.

What You Needdomino-trick

  • A set of dominoes (one that goes up to double 6 makes the trick go faster)
  • A table or space on the floor big enough to make a circle with all the dominoes

What You Do

Step 1:  Lay out all the dominoes face up.

Step 2:  Use your acting skills to play up this step. Ask your friend a question, such as “What is your favorite color?” Then, pretend to really search for just the right domino to match their answer and set that domino aside, as if it is very important.DominoTrick3

Step 3:  Ask your friend to lay out the remaining dominoes in a circle, with like numbers touching. For example, if the first
domino is a 5-2, the next one needs to be a 2-something, and so on. It is important that they don’t make a mistake in matching the numbers on the ends, so pay attention here.

Step 4:  When all the dominoes are set out, it won’t make a complete circle, because the ends won’t match up. This is when you pull out that domino you set aside. It will make the circle complete, matching up the numbers on the two ends.DominoTrick4

How it Works

Here’s the secret: any domino will do, as long as you don’t choose a double. A set of dominoes will make a complete circle, no matter which domino you pull out in the beginning. But your friends don’t have to know that, do they?


Every day at Fantastic Magic Camp is filled with fun, adventure and discoveries. For more information, visit or call 512-850-4677.

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