French School of Austin – or Ecole Jean-Jacques Rousseau – is a private, independent, bilingual school
serving toddlers to middle school students.

Located in North Austin, French School of Austin has given students a bilingual preparatory education since 2005. The school offers a multicultural, multi-language learning environment where instruction is given in French and English, with an optional third language track in Arabic, Spanish, or Mandarin.

The school curricula are based on the guidelines of the French Ministry of Education, and supplemented by the essential elements advanced in American private-school education. By the end of middle school, this dual approach produces academically-adept, bilingual students, proficient in both English and French and often, in a third language.

Run by experienced and qualified native speakers and teachers known for their enthusiasm and experience, our programs are built on 40 years of familiarity with academic excellence and expertise in developing effective language immersion programs. The best education develops individual potential, and that is central to the ethos of this program. The program’s ultimate goal is to prepare students for life by giving them a gift of academic excellence and of a second, relevant language.

Through immersive and bilingual education, a rigorous academic curriculum, and a small class size, the French School of Austin or Ecole Jean Jacques Rousseau helps all students to reach their unique potential. Children engage in inquiry-based learning and hands-on projects with the guidance of qualified teachers, who target learning to their students’ individual needs and interests.

The school provides a highly effective, rigorous, engaging educational program and experience that ensures student achievement in all core content areas, while its arts program enables students an opportunity to realize their maximum potential through the study and exploration of the arts. Largely thanks to the artistic background of its founders, Dr. Hind Louali, Solange-Sonia and Mohammed Louali, the school also features a rich performing and visual arts program. The school offers the arts strands of dance, music, theater, and visual arts. All students participate in daily music appreciation and a mandatory string program leading to recitals and school performances.  Following the visual arts curriculum set by France’s Ministry of Education, the school teaches all students to interpret, appreciate, and create art works.

The school’s small setting, its academia and arts program lead the way to its students’ success. Every year, the students of French School of Austin excel in Mathematics and French National Contests as National Medalists and Laureates.

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