As we put 2020 behind us and embrace all the possibilities that a new year brings, let’s take a moment to be appreciative of the small things we experience every day. Grateful for a fluffy dog, a cuddly cat or a happy hamster. Grateful for best friends, siblings, parents and teachers. We can find things to be grateful for everywhere. Gratitude Rocks are a fun way to recognize, celebrate, share and reflect on all we have to be thankful for.


Materials Needed

∙ Rocks!

∙ Lightweight paper, such as newspaper or tissue paper

∙ Acrylic paint

∙ White glue or Modge Podge

∙ Low-gloss varnish or clear finish


  1. Explore your own backyard, a local park or creek and collect an assortment of rocks. Gather various sizes, shapes and colors. Avoid shiny or glossy rocks. Smooth ones work best.
  2. Clean your rocks with soap and warm water. Allow to dry.
  3. Paint with assorted colors of acrylic paint. It’s not necessary to paint the entire rock. Feel free to leave some areas exposed. Let the paint fully dry.
  4. Print words of gratitude on your paper. Tear out the words, leaving nice ragged edges.
  5. Glue your gratitude paper to the rock. Let dry.
  6. Finish by applying low-gloss varnish to each rock to seal it.
  7. Repeat with more rocks!

Gratitude Rocks make beautiful paperweights, bright spots in your garden or special gifts for family and friends. We encourage you to share your colorful, meaningful creations with us on our Facebook page!

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