The month of February is a wonderful time to reflect upon and appreciate the people we love. Celebrate the season with some creative inspiration, and practice your writing skills with a personal Valentine’s-inspired haiku.

Let’s start with a little history. Haikus are one of the oldest forms of poetry, dating back to the 9th century. A haiku is a Japanese poetry form that usually centers on the comparison of two images. However, the style uses very limited words and syllables to create the poem.

Haiku poems consist of three lines. The first and last lines have five syllables, and the middle line has seven syllables. Because haikus are a simple yet powerful form of poetry, they are the perfect starting point for young writers.

Now create your own Valentine’s haiku! Here’s an example:

You are my sweetheart. (5 syllables)

Sweeter than chocolate, and (7 syllables)

yes, more important. (5 syllables)

To help with counting syllables, read your poem out loud, clap with each syllable and count the claps per line.

Display your haiku on colorful construction paper, decorate with stickers or drawings and hand deliver to someone special.

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