Uncertain times in education can be stressful on both students and parents. A brand- new study space at home will help boost learning and help build confidence for the new school year, no matter the size of the space. Together parents and students can create optimal learning spaces that inspire creativity and fun. 

Parenting and education expert Dr. Karen Aronian, Ed.D. says this starts with creating the proper environment. “Homes are designed for adults,” she says. “So, consider what amount of space you are offering to your child and their interests. A place for everything and everything in its place. Empower your child by giving him/her a say.” To provide the best possible study experience for children, it is important to shift from cluttered areas to personalized and purposeful study place design. 

Through her company, Aronian Education Design LLC, Dr. Aronian brings over 30 years of expertise guiding parents and educators in reorganizing their learning spaces. The goal of this FREE webinar by Teachers College at Columbia University is to assist parents, who are now teachers too in creating optimal study spaces for fall and beyond. Register online here:

Dr. Aronian offers these teacherly tips:

  1. Categorizing and compartmentalizing – Have study, related materials, and designated spaces for each child. 
  2. Ideal study spot essentials: desk, chair, location, essentials
  3. Consider multiple work zones –  Dr. Aronian recommends having multiple spots for learning & creating in your home— private, communal, outside and reimagined spaces (nooks, lofts, hallways, closets,…)

These study space principles will help parents create a safe, inspirational, personalized learning experience during what may be an uncertain academic school year. Studies suggest study spaces can light up and elevate education for children.  


1-1 coaching, consulting, and an education design system for your children/students and homes can be booked online through Aronian Educational Design LLC. Aronian Education Design LLC creates irresistible environments and experiences for children and families. As a full-service design firm, we implement and furnish all aspects of education with an educator’s lens and a curator’s vision.

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