School may have started, but weather-wise we’re still in summer. When it’s this hot outside, it’s nice to stay cool inside. And what’s better than being cool? Ice cold! Beat the heat and have an iced tea party!


Start with some wacky ice cubes.


Rainbow ice cubes: Freeze different fruit sorbets in ice cube trays, then stack the cubes in a tall glass. Pour lemonade or cold tea on top and ta-da!


Frozen fruit cubes: Place a piece of fruit in the middle of each ice cube section, then pour water to fill and freeze.


Weird-shaped ice cubes: You can find ice cube trays shaped like all sorts of things. Space cubes, diamond rings, dinosaur bones, guitars – the options are endless.


Edible flower ice cubes: These are similar to the frozen fruit cubes but made with flowers instead.


Carnations, dandelions, violets, pansies and roses are just some of the flowers you can actually eat.


Use any kind of cookie cutter to trim sandwiches into amusing shapes. Even if you don’t have a cookie cutter, you can cut sandwiches into fun squares and triangles.


Get out your tea set, invite a few friends over and have an adorable snack feast!


Terra Toys  has been providing Austin with classic, fun and beautiful toys, gifts, books and treats for over 35 years.

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