Iron Horse logoOne of the greatest experiences your child will ever have is to drive an off road motorcycle.

It would have been rare to think 20 years ago, that a camp like this would not even exist today. But that is the reality, and this is our motivation – giving kids a chance to ride at one of the only dirt bike Camps in the country.

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We accept boys and girls ages 8-15, and they all have a blast. We have 15 year olds begging to come back at 16 and little brothers and sisters under 8 wanting to get in. This is no kiddy park …. but it is no wild west either! And that is what makes it so real and rewarding for the kids. Most children today never get the chance to ride before coming to the ranch. Our number one goal is for the kids to have fun and we have created one of the safest programs for riding dirt bikes and have become one of the only summer camp motocross facilities in the country.Iron Horse pix 1

Our ranch is a great resort and learning center for the kids to ride. Driving a motorcycle will be the biggest thing your child has experienced in their lives so far. Most kids will really come alive with the confidence gains and the star power they feel by riding. A group all having the same feelings and to express it with peers is awe inspiring for the kids.

We are not just about the motorcycle , it is our tool to get your child to experience life . Our ranch has a rec. center, club house, swimming pool, motorcycle training range, motocross tracks, several trails and of course the ranch itself with our farm animals, ponds and creeks to explore. Our Motorcycles are Honda CRF 50, 70, 80, 100, and 150F off road trail motorcycles models. We have shuttle service from Northwest Austin , snacks and drinks included.

We provide everything your child needs – a great place to ride with instruction and a 8 to 1 ratio of riders to instructor. All children will go through riding orientation and will be with a coach all the time on the ranch. From our practice arena to trails and motocross tracks, safety is our first concern. Instructors are always watching or instructing.

Our training curriculum is not based on competition; we teach the kids to have a fun time on the motorcycles without racing. We use an interesting mix of ranch activities during rest breaks, to get children to talk and express themselves, creating a wonderful experience for the kids. They will gain huge amounts of confidence while learning to ride and will make a lot of new friends at the ranch. They usually don’t want to go back to the boring city.

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Go to our site to register online

We have shuttle pickups from North Austin schools .Camp is Weekly M-F 8am-5pm see web site for exact times of pickups

All camps fill up so signup early to get the week you want.

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