Enjoying nature can be simple and fun! Imagining that little creatures live in the trees and leaves deepens our connections to outdoor life. Finding small objects that could create a habitat for imaginary creatures is not only easy and free, but makes wonderful memories and enhances our sensitivity to nature.


What You Need

Pebbles, stones, grass, leaves, flowers and maybe even some items from your house, like a cotton ball for a fairy pillow.


What You Do

  1. Look around your backyard or neighborhood for a building site. A nice rock or tree is good. You can make paths and rooms either inside or around this special place.
  1. Let your creativity take over as you build! Allow yourself to think of many purposes for one little piece of nature. A simple leaf could be a food basket, a bathtub or a roof. A flat rock could serve as a table to set some tiny seeds on.
  2. Don’t forget to take photos. Moments and creations like making a fairy house should be documented.


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