We love puppets — floppy ones, colorful ones, big, small, all of them. And most of all, we love a puppet show. Here’s how you can make fun (and simple) puppets out of items you probably have on hand.


What You Need

* A variety of wooden spoons (plastic will work, too)

* Markers

* Scraps of fabric, felt, paper, cotton balls or yarn for costumes and hair

* Large pipe cleaners for arms

* Masking tape or low temp glue

* Optional: googly eyes


What You Do

  1. Draw your puppet’s face on the bowl of the spoon. (For more advanced play, glue on googly eyes.)
  2. Attach pieces of scrap fabric, felt or tissue paper to the spoon handle. Let your imagination run wild. Are you making a lion? A superhero? A dragon? Tip: For younger children, consider masking tape as an alternative to glue. It’s not as messy.
  3. Add arms using pipe cleaners. Twist the pipe cleaners around the spoon handle and shape into position. They can be repositioned during play to make gestures.


There’s More

Once you make some puppets, put on a show! If you want to make a puppet stage, here’s a link to a simple one: tinyurl.com/y74hbflo.



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