Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself “musical.” The only thing that matters is having fun and making music. An at-home play-along is a fantastic way to engage with music, so turn up your favorite song and get ready to rock with these easy do-it-yourself shakers, suitable for children of all ages!

  • Empty drink or condiment bottles
  • Shaker “fillers” such as dried beans, rice, pasta or pony beads
  • Duct tape or masking tape
  • Decorating supplies (such as stickers, washi tape or even washable paint)

What You DoMusical-Shakers

Step 1:  Wash and rinse the bottles. These will become the body of your shakers. Let them dry.

Step 2:  Put a bit of filler in each bottle, experimenting with how different fillers make different sounds. Be sure not to put too much in. The filler should have plenty of room to shake around.

Step 3:  Secure the lids of bottles and then wrap with duct tape or masking tape.

Step 4:  Decorate the bottles and shake, shake, shake!


Heartsong Music provides early childhood music education programs for the entire family. We seek to create a community of music-makers by providing excellent teachers, materials, and classroom resources in a developmentally appropriate, engaging, and fun, participatory environment that supports and nurtures music development in young children, birth through grade two. For more information, visit or call or call (512) 936-8746.


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