March 2013 Book Reviews
Author: Pam Heller

For Younger Readers
Lovabye Dragon

by Barbara Joosse
She wanted a dragon; he wanted a princess. Their lovely friendship begins when she makes a tearful bedtime wish on a lonely night and he follows the trail of her tears to her. They spend their days together enjoying the play and adventure of childhood. This is a beautifully written story-poem reminiscent of the soothing bedtime writings of Margaret Wise Brown. “Lovabye Dragon” deserves to join the bookshelves of bedtime stories that are read over and over again for generations. For ages 3 to 6.

Say Hello to Zorro
by Carter Goodrich

Some dogs depend on a routine schedule; meet Mister Bud, one of those dogs. Everything is done “on schedule” – important things like “chasing the cat” time, “greet and making a fuss” time and naptime, all is perfectly, predictably scheduled. Until Zorro, a small, but bossy pug, arrives. The routine gets disrupted and Mister Bud is not happy. Follow the two personalities as their rivalry turns to respect and even friendship as they discover shared interests. Carter Goodrich has masterfully and succinctly worded the story; add to that his expressively sparse illustrations that capture the nuances of the personalities of the two dogs and this book will quickly become a favorite. For ages 4 to 8.

For Older Readers
No Other Story (Whole Nother Story)
by Cuthbert Soup

The Cheeseman family is back in this, the third and final episode of their time-travelling quest to save the life of their mother Olivia. The LVR (their time machine) has been thrown into the Land of Some Times. This is the most mixed-up time of all, for in the Land of Some Times, modern jets co-exist with dinosaurs co-existing with psychic dogs co-existing with Vikings – you get the picture. They even encounter the author and alternate versions of themselves. For those who have read the previous two volumes, this is a must-read to bring the series to a satisfying resolution. For ages 9 to 13.

by Marissa Burt

This is the first in a promised series of books that take place in the Land of Story. It’s based on an interesting concept: the kids in Story go to school to learn to be perfect storybook characters; their possibilities range from hero to villain. Each student will eventually live out their lives in a far-off land in a tale written specifically for him or her. “Storybound” is about 12-year-old Una Fairchild. Her life is unique because her tale is actually set in the land of Story, where she discovers a dark secret that will result in the possible evolution, revolution or destruction of her world. Strong character development, intriguing plot twists and fantasy elements make this an engaging read. For ages 8 to 14.

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