It just feels good to share the love. This simple, colorful craft is a perfect way to tell friends, family, neighbors, teachers, nurses – anyone that is special to you – how much you care. Any day of the year is a good time to say, “I love you!”



  • Empty glass or plastic water bottle
  • Fun stickers – hearts, rainbows, flowers, shamrocks or anything that would be unique to your special someone
  • Colorful construction paper
  • Yarn, twine or ribbon
  • Crayons, pens or markers – depending on age of child
  • Optional: candy kisses, rose petals, trinkets, spring flowers



Provide each family member with a bottle and a handful of festive stickers, and sticker away! Your stickers can tell a story of what your special person cares about most, or things you share in common. You can also choose stickers that celebrate a particular season or event.

Take a piece of construction paper and share your love in a one-of-a-kind drawing or handwritten message. Roll the paper up tight, tie with a piece of yarn or ribbon, and place it inside the bottle. You can also add little candies, flowers or trinkets to further customize your gift. Tie yarn or ribbon around the neck of the bottle for added flourish.

Decorate according to the season and turn these into gifts to celebrate Easter, Teacher Appreciation Week or St. Patrick’s Day! You can also create one bottle as a family to keep in your kitchen. Add random messages or pictures for each other to discover.

These little love messages in a bottle are certain to be treasured by all who receive them. What are other fun ways you can think of for your bottle? Please be sure to share pictures of your creations with us on our Facebook page!


YMCA of Austin  The Y is the leading nonprofit committed to strengthening community by connecting all people to their potential, purpose and each other. Working locally, we focus on empowering young people, improving health and well-being and inspiring action in and across communities.

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