Nature rubbings are a great way to learn about the details of nature while at the same time creating beautiful art or stationary.




What You Need

  • Pretty leaf or flat piece of nature. The more pronounced the details, the better the rubbing you’ll be able to make.
  • Sheet of paper. Thin paper is best for showing detail, but you can even use wax or parchment paper. Butcher paper works well for large projects.
  • Crayon with the paper removed. You can also buy crayons made for rubbings.

What You Do

Step 1:  Place the leaf under the sheet of paper. To prevent the leaf from moving, you can tape the edges down.

Step 2:  Using the long side of the crayon, gently color on the paper over the leaf in large strokes. Continue until you have rubbed over the whole leaf.

You’ll notice the little veins and shapes of the leaf coming through onto your paper. Repeat with other types of leaves and colors, and soon you’ll have a beautiful work of art to share with others.

What Else to Try

The rubbing technique works for any flat object. Try paper clips, coins or lace. For centuries, plaque rubbings have been a way to record and remember historical events and monuments. There are many plaques around Austin that can be rubbed! It’s a fun way to learn and personalize your experience without leaving a mark.


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