For Younger Readers

What Do You Do With An Idea?WhatDoYouDoWithAnIdea

by Kobi Yamada

Some of the best ideas never come to fruition due to the fear that it can’t be done, it won’t work, no one will like it, etc. This little book with endearing illustrations teaches readers to believe in their ideas, nurture their ideas and see where they lead. And who knows? Your idea may just change the world. This is a lesson to be learned and practiced throughout our lives. How wonderful for a book to present the concept to such a young audience. Ages 3 – 6 and as a reminder for those who are older.


For Older ReadersAbsolutelyAlmost

Absolutely Almost

by Lisa Graff

Albie is a fifth grader with learning difficulties living with his parents and grandfather. He is going to be attending a new school and experiences the common fears. Albie tries his best to do well but has difficulty and ends up being teased and bullied. Although well-intentioned, his parents don’t appreciate his efforts or offer the loving support he needs. Things change for Albie when he gets a new sitter, Calista, who takes him to art exhibits and accepts him for who he is. With Calista’s help, Albie survives the emotional turmoil of middle school and evolves from a teased victim to an adolescent with a sense of self-worth. Struggling readers will appreciate the pace of the self-contained chapters and the sympathetic storyline. Ages 8 – 12.


By Pam Heller


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