The month of May just beckons for the outdoors, appreciation weeks and end-of-school fun. The weather is usually optimal during this month, so enjoy biking and outdoor hikes before the summer heat sets in. Get outside and play each day!



It’s easy to overlook the opportunities right where you live. Sightseeing is often a must when you’re traveling, but checking out the history of the place you live can also be an educational, eye-opening and totally fun experience. Pretend you are a tourist arriving in town for the first time, contact the chamber of commerce or National Historic Society and see all that the Austin area has to offer. Tour the most historic buildings, discover if any battles were fought where you’re standing, check out monuments, statues, trees (think Treaty Oak) or visit a cemetery to search for the oldest tombstones. Every place has its own story and history. Discover what makes your community so special!2400mm Full Moon, Isolated




Connect with your surroundings in a new way by taking a night hike on May 14th, under the full moon. The same trail during the day becomes a completely different experience after the sun sets. Listen to the calls of nocturnal wildlife, sharpen and engage your senses and identify constellations in the sky. Bring along some wintergreenflavored Life Savers, chew them with an open mouth, and watch as sugars and wintergreen oil combine to create flashes of light! This sparkly phenomenon, known as triboluminescence, can only be seen in the dark.

Flippers and goggles


Strength and comfort in the water can lead to increased safety for the entire family. As National Drowning Prevention Month, May is poised to prepare kids and families for a fun and safe start to summer. Before your kids go off to camp or you take your vacation, make sure everyone knows how to swim and understands how important it is to follow basic water safety guidelines. Swimming instruction and water exercise classes for all ages and abilities are offered through organizations like the YMCA of Austin. Swimming is a skill that saves lives and will last a lifetime!

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