Partners in Parenting (PIP), the family-centric, nonprofit helping to build and connect a “village” for every new parent in Austin, announced today that it will host its first annual “Connections Matter” luncheon on Tues., Feb. 25, 2020. The goal of this inaugural event will be to raise more than $65,000 which will fund PIP’s Community Groups and to support the organization’s operating costs. Fundraising for the luncheon will continue in tandem with PIP’s efforts for Amplify Austin Day, the annual multi, nonprofit fundraiser event bringing together the Austin community to donate to local nonprofits.

“The Connection Matters luncheon will help PIP support newborn families and indeed make those connections that matter for our goal of more than 400 Austin families in 2020,” said Jessica Burlson, Executive Director of Partners in Parenting. “Research proves that supporting our Austin newborn parents leads to significantly healthier families and a stronger community.”

PIP’s first luncheon will be held at The Austin Central Public Library, and will host more than 230 guests. Speeches and appearances will be made by Rebekah Anthony, Jessica Burleson, Elizabeth Nelson, Whitney Moskowitz, and families who have been involved in and helped by PIP’s programming. Current corporate sponsors include Elizabeth & Justin Nelson, H-E-B Tournament of Champions, Whole Foods, and Susman Godfrey LLP and Loewy Law Firm. The fundraiser is also supported by local businesses, which have donated prize items for the luncheon’s Paci-Pull event.

Founded in 2014, PIP connects Austin’s newborn families with other newborn families through on weekly programming in those early weeks and months. PIP’s enrichment and curriculum has proven to improve the well-being of Austin’s new parents so they are confident, connected, and have the tools to blossom into their full potential. Parents of newborns are connected with fellow parents of new babies,  trained facilitators, and parenting experts, all to share the joy and weather the storms of new parenthood together. PIP believes that building the foundation for healthy families begins by supporting parents in this early phase of parenthood, and as a result the entire community thrives.

“We are looking forward to having so many members of PIP’s support village all in one room,” said Whitney Moskowitz, Board President of Partners in Parenting. “The luncheon will be a meaningful event celebrating the spirit of PIP, and enabling the organization to continue empowering Austin’s newest residents and their parents.”

More information on Partners in Parenting can be found at

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