Do you ever pass by a field of flowers and wish you could pick one and keep it forever? Flower pressing is just one way of preserving the beauty of flowers, leaves and other plants you see out in nature. With this fun, easy craft you can get outside, explore the Hill Country and enter a world of timeless beauty and preservation.


Materials you’ll need:

-Natural flowers, leaves and other plants



-Stack of books

Step One: Go outside

Go to a park or a field, or even your own backyard to collect your flowers and leaves. Always go with an adult, and make sure you aren’t violating property rules by clipping some flowers.

Step Two: Pick your plants

You’ll want to take a pair of scissors, and carefully clip the plant at the base. Only cut off the pieces that you want and leave the rest of the plant intact. (Collect flowers that have soft petals and thin stems – this will make them easier to press. Watch out for any thorns or bugs!)

Step Three: Prep your book

Take your paper and line the inside of your book. The paper will absorb the moisture from the flowers, which will prevent mold and help preserve the colors.

Step Four: Make your arrangement

Choose the flowers and take your time arranging them on the page. Trim any extra stems or leaves. This is where you get to be an artist and plan your flower arrangement design.

Step Five: Press, press, press

Carefully lay a second piece of paper on top of your flowers and gently close the book over the flowers, making sure nothing moves or falls out. Press, press, press!

Step Six: Give it some time and you’re done!

Lay a stack of books on top and let them sit undisturbed for at least five days. This gives the flowers plenty of time to dry out and preserve, so be patient.

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