Stepping Stone School, the largest privately owned childcare provider in Central Texas and a pioneer in early childhood education standards, has recently unveiled its newest program – a comprehensive school-age camp that includes an innovative core curriculum, along with upgraded environments and equipment to support the experience.


This newest program – known as The Brainery™ at Stepping Stone School – is the latest enhancement of the Future Leaders and Innovators summer program for school-age children. It features all new lesson plans, activities, field journeys, and educational themes; all based on many months of research to help determine what best serves children of this age – educationally, emotionally, and socially – to help them be most successful. To that end, The Brainery™ will incorporate curriculum to challenge campers’ intellect, engage their physical selves, and build their characters; a “whole-child adventure” for the mind, body, and heart.


This newest program, says Stepping Stone School’s founder, is in keeping with the school’s overall commitment to remaining at the forefront of early education that nurtures and supports healthy young people and fosters a continued love of learning.


“The Brainery™was born from exhaustive research on the educational needs of children – what speaks to them, what opens them up for learning, what nurtures and supports them,” says Rhonda Paver, M.A., founder and Executive Director of Stepping Stone School. “The result is what I believe to be among the most comprehensive and revolutionary curriculum in early education and I would confidently put it up against any other program in the country. It’s well thought out, it’s designed with the utmost respect for the child, and it’s rooted in a deep love of the learning process.”


Mind – The theme of this year’s The Brainery™ at Stepping Stone School summer camp program is Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead; a program that will elevate the core disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math – that are already integrated throughout Stepping Stone School’s curriculum – with a weekly focus on a subject matter directly related to each of these domains. Students will participate in activities such as science experiments, math and literacy projects, investigating engineering concepts like Bernoulli’s principle, designing and “building” a roller coaster, playing chess, and more.


Additionally, the summer curriculum will feature a variety of interesting subjects including life science, engineering, technology, earth science, mathematics, and physics – all approached in a way that is fun and keeps children interested and engaged.


Embedded in this curriculum will be a variety of Field Journeys including outings to some of the area’s most exciting locations including Austin Aquarium, Main Event, IMAX Theater, LBJ Library, Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum, Texas State Capitol, Lego Robotics, and more.


Body – A comprehensive wellness education program, Fit for Life, teaches students the importance of staying healthy through nutrition, physical activity, and good habits.


Heart – The Brainery™ summer camp program will also include weekly compassion and character-building activities; fun projects meant to encourage self-reflection and generosity. Included in this is the exclusive “Young Entrepreneurs & Philanthropists” program which allows students to plan, organize, and operate four “businesses” to earn money for families in need.


The Brainery™ summer camp program will also offer a nutritious lunch and snacks every day for students, a Junior Counselor program for children ages 11-13, and optional swimming lessons.


“Our commitment is always – first and foremost – to the needs of our students,” says Paver. “The design of our curriculum and programs is a labor of love for us and we’re so proud of The Brainery™ and our ability to provide another resource for families throughout the summer months in the shape of a truly innovative – and fun – developmental learning curriculum.”


About Stepping Stone School:

Stepping Stone School, the largest privately owned childcare provider in Central Texas, and the 21st largest in the nation, was founded by Rhonda Paver in 1979. Today, while the Paver family has grown the company from its humble beginnings to now include 18 schools, it is still locally owned and operated. The founders and employees apply the principles of the school’s nationally recognized curriculum while providing the highest quality early education and care. For more information, please visit the Stepping Stone School website at

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