Summer Spark logoWith packed schedules, powerful media everywhere, and performance pressure on schools, we believe that a fundamental component of a strong foundation is missing in the lives of many children today. The ability to tackle a problem with no set solution – to think creatively and flexibly, to struggle, fail, and try again, to test, revise, and reiterate.

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Summer Spark day camps strive to fill this gap. We are all about physical experiments, purposeful tinkering, messy construction. Creativity Unplugged.

Your children come alive as they engage in creative problem solving challenges. Each week features a different challenge which provides the opportunity to boost the 3Cs – creative problem solving, collaboration, and confidence. Whether designing a rollercoaster for a golf ball or building a rocket from recycled materials, campers apply creativity as they innovate, collaborate with peers in search of solutions, and gain confidence as they learn from set-backs.

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Summer Spark days are a careful balance between individual and group activity, and time for relaxation, reflection and play. Campers leave smiling from the fun times with their friends and the deep satisfaction that comes from following their curiosity and engaging in an intriguing challenge. While they will be tired, and likely a bit messy, after a good night’s sleep, they will wake up eager to get back to their work and their new, supportive community.

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