1. Choose nontoxic household products and avoid using antibacterial products.Water drop pix
  2. Limit home water use: take shorter showers, fix leaking toilets and faucets and avoid running the water while brushing teeth.
  3. Pick up litter along the waterline on your next hike.
  4. Follow the lawn watering schedule for your area.
  5. Don’t flush unwanted or expired medications down the toilet. Instead, either purchase a TakeAway medication return bag at your local pharmacy or mix the medication with something “undesirable”—such as coffee grounds—seal it in the bottle, put that in a ziplock bag and place it in the trash.
  6. Avoid putting anything but water in storm drains.
  7. Fix any leaks that drip from automobiles or put drip pans under leaks.
  8. Avoid using pesticides and chemical fertilizers in your yard.
  9. Pick up pet waste before it washes bacteria into local streams.
  10. Don’t pour grease down sink drains. It can build up and eventually cause blockages, overflows and backups.
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