Spring Break 2017 is upon us, and what better time to catch up on recent and classic entertainment? Whether you go to the theater or stay at home, here are some options you’ll find in cinemas and on Blu-Ray/DVD to enjoy over the break.

Coming Soon:

Beauty and the Beast (Opening March 17) This new incarnation of the classic Disney film stars Emma Watson as Belle, and features a supporting cast that includes Kevin Kline, Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Audra McDonald and Stanley Tucci. It’s part of Disney’s ongoing attempt to make realistic versions of its beloved animated films – but will it retain the magic of the original? It’s hard to tell, especially considering we’ll be looking at CGI renderings of the supporting characters (Mrs. Potts, Lumière) – but there’s no question it will be a feast for the eyes.

New on Blu-Ray/ DVD:

Trolls (2016) Justin Timberlake recently opened this year’s Academy Awards with the catchy song from this animated hit, which co-stars Timberlake and Anna Kendrick as, appropriately, trolls. The film is a goofy adventure not dissimilar to Minions, and there’s no question it will win over the kids.

Classics Worth Revisiting:

The Muppet Movie (1979) There have been some classics Muppets movies since, but there’s nothing quite like the original, with Jim Henson and Frank Oz providing the voices of so many of the classic Muppet characters. And, of course, there’s the all-star cast along for the ride, including Mel Brooks, Bob Hope, Madeline Kahn, Steve Martin and Orson Welles. If your children have only seen the most recent Muppets films, treat them to this classic.

Babe (1995) This Best Picture-nominated live-action film about a talking pig warms hearts like no other movie. Using astonishing visual effects, Babe convinces you a whole host of farm animals are talking to each other. This film came out around my fifth birthday, and I’ll never forget seeing it in cinemas. If you’re feeling really adventurous, check out the sequel, George Miller’s Babe: Pig in the City (1998), which is a little more daring than the original.

Beauty and the Beast (1991) Here is the first animated film ever nominated for Best Picture – and still one of the most beloved children’s movies of all times. I’m sure I watched this film enough when I was younger to break the VHS tape. Particularly if you’re planning to see the new live-action version, I think it’s only fitting for the family to get together and revisit this Beauty and the Beast, which is a marvel in every way possible.

Jack Kyser is a graduate of Austin High School and 2013 graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

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