Austin Bat Cave is pleased to announce the winners of the Spring Writing Contest.

We would like to thank our guest judges Natalia Sylvester and Nick Solis for choosing our winners, and our community partner Black Pearl Books for supplying gift cards for our winners.


Music’s sweet as honey
Music’s soft as a baby
Music trickles down your spine
Music in various emotions
Music in different types
Hip Hop
Singing and more
Music makes you jump up and down
Music’s that tune that’s stuck in your head
Music allows you to be yourself
Music plants a smile on your face
There is always a song for you
Just have to find your genre
Music is beautiful

“Music” by Jojo Li who is 10 years old and attends Laura Welch Bush Elementary School.

“Guest judge Nick Solis says about Jojo’s piece, “Music” : “No matter where you live or what language you speak, music can always unite us. Then Jojo tied music in with emotion which connects us all as well. We have all felt anger, sadness, and excitement, and we all remember a time music made us feel that way too. But my absolute favorite line in this poem is, “Music trickles down your spine”. Even as I read it, I could feel that tingle. That excitement right before a show when the band is warming up, or that absolute explosion when a beat drops.”

The Adventure of Life

Every night,
One moon illuminates the fingers,
Crafted from naked wire,
Splattered with midnight pleasures
And the tears of the frigid night sky.
As blood leaks from my scalp
And the fingers look me
through and through
And smile,
Sinisterly calling me,
They stroke my hand
And pick me up.
And we hear the voices,
A chorus of a thousand
Ominous voices
That delicately lure me in.
I’m in.
I taste the fingers,
Scraping a hole in my tongue
The evil kind of pleasure
Ringing around me, the fingers
Creeping down my throat.
They taste of rage,
They smell of an airy forest,
The airy forest I must return to
After the fingers and I complete our nightly adventure.
The sweet sensation of relaxation
Floods my senses
And the fingers interlock with mine,
Flesh and wire wrap to one.
No longer can I fly.
The fingers stab my heart,
And we are falling.
The voices tickle my feet—
They have become the air around me—
And the fingers steal my eyes,
No longer can I see.
I have entered the airy forest
And becomes a part of me.
I leave the fingers with my eyes,
Just as I always do.
But tonight, an evil presence
Bewitches the airy forest,
And the fingers do come to return my eyes,
Nor my tongue,Nor my heart
Nor my own fingers,
I plunge into a water, dyed black,
So salty my empty eye sockets
Fill with something new,
And they are made of stars,
My fingers become the dawn,
My heart becomes the dusk,
And my tongue becomes the light
Of the hot afternoon sun.
At once I am carried to a place,
A place I feel alienated in
In the beginning,
But as a soft melody slowly enters my mind,
I see this place for the first time
Through my new eyes, I see this place as a Xanadu
Rather than a prison.
Years pass, each with more dreams,
Vivid, colorful dreams.
I have but one thought:
The adventure of life is complete.

“The Adventure of Life” by Athena Metzger who is 11 years old and attends Lively Middle School.

“Guest judge Natalia Sylvester says about Athena’s piece, “The Adventure of Life”: “From the very first line, this work took me on a journey through space and emotion. I felt as if I were being transported both inward in a very intimate way, and outward across an ever-expanding universe.”

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