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Ages: 6-13     Genders: Boys and Girls     Camp Types: Day Camp     Activities: Computer Technology, Education, Film, Special Needs

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Learn how to make movies this summer! Hands-on media classes in Filmmaking, Animation, YouTube Production, plus A.I. Camp, 3D Game Design, and Minecraft Modding. Ages 6-13. 2-Day to 5-Day camps. Win an Oscar at the best Camp in Austin!

Our in-person, hands-on camps are designed specifically for students aged 6-13, offering them a unique opportunity to learn from industry-level instructors and create their very own projects in real time.


At our 3-day creative camps, students will unleash their imagination and turn their wildest ideas into reality. With each day, you’ll be amazed by the new film or animation they created, learning from real industry techniques and creating special effects, green screen effects, claymation, Lego animation and more. On the last day, Creator Camp will transform into a mock Oscars film festival, where students get to show off their best films on the big screen to compete for the title of best picture!

For the tech enthusiasts, our 2-day camps are designed to provide students with an exciting introduction to the world of technology. Whether it’s learning how to code by modding minecraft, creating an AI from their own machine learning Models, or developing video games, our highly-skilled instructors will make learning tech fun and inspiring. With the latest technology at their fingertips, they will be able to create projects that they’ll be proud to show their friends and family.

Join us at Creator Camp this summer, and explore your creativity! Enroll today at Creatorcamp.org!

Special Needs for Autism only.



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