AFM Editor’s Choice For Online Educational Resources

​These are some names families have known and trusted, which are currently being offered for FREE.

Free Lesson Plans featuring Popular Movies, TV Shows, and Children’s Books

Disney Nature



Camp Lanterncreek for Girls


Tucked away on 100 acres in the piney woods of Montgomery, Texas, Camp Lantern Creek is the perfect location to host your company, school or church team building experience.


CLC is also home to a unique all girls sleep away summer camp that was created so girls can find their voice, try new skills, be cheered on whether they succeed or fail, get dirty, push boundaries, love nature and so much more!


Click now to get up to date on their plans for summer camp.


Egg Hunts can be fun for entire family

Below are ideas for a successful event:


  • Start off by letting the kids decorate their own basket right before the hunt. One option, they can decorate a pail which can later be used outside, or to store their stuff.


  • If they already have a basket, let them make bunny earsClick here for easy bunny ears.


  • When preparing eggs for hunt, if you have several kids, have equal number of eggs same color so that you can assign a certain color for each kid. This also allows you to hide eggs for young ones in places easier for them to find.


  • If you have younger kids, at end of hunt, let them eat some of their candy while telling them a story. Peter Rabbit is a good one. If you do not remember it, click here.


  • Gamesare also fun. Try the Eggs-ercises Game. Use your plastic eggs to put instructions for an exercise in each. For example “Do 7 bunny hops”, “Turn 3 egg rolls (cartwheels)”, “Do the chicken dance” click here for YouTube Video in case you need, and so on.




Alternate Scavenger Egg Hunt

Click here for new idea on an egg hunt, plus a template to make the paper eggs.


Naturally-Dyed Easter Eggs

Looking for a natural alternative to traditional Easter egg dye kits? Here are some tips for beautiful, naturally dyed eggs. Warning: This does require help of adult.


Click to read more


Are You Connecting With Family This Weekend?

How about a background that does not look like you are hosting homeschool classes or trying to make dinner, even though you are. Try a fun background on your next Zoom connection. There are fun resorts, the beach, or with a tiger.


Click here to view some options which include weekly favorite, outdoor backgrounds, or video loops and more. New ones always added.


Click here to view some resort images for your backdrop.

Camp Doublecreek


Your camper will thrive enjoying generations of fun!

If you haven’t been to Doublecreek, you have not been to day camp.

Open House events are currently scheduled for May, check website for updates.

Camp Doublecreek has been voted AFM Day Camp for last 25 years.


Click to learn more


Bring A Live Tiger In Your House

Like to have a tiger or a cheetah in your living room?

Type name of animal in Google

When the results come up, scroll down and you’ll see you an option to “View in 3D”– Click on that

Then move your phone from side to side for about 30 seconds

The animal will show up. Cool!

iD Tech Online Offerings

Virtual Tech Camps are the perfect online learning option for kids and teens who want to sharpen their tech skills from the comfort of home. Structured, week-long sessions with 5 students max per instructor, and curriculum in Python, Java, Minecraft, Roblox, AI, Unreal Engine, Adobe, 3D modeling, and more. $399 with code TOGETHER (you save $100).   


Live Storytime, Craft, and Exercise, Yes!


There are so many great resources to help us through this new territory.
YMCA Austin has several videos to keep you going until they can reopen. They include learning tools, yoga, exercise for the seniors, and a storytime that will make you laugh out loud.
Click now to see what all they have to offer.
YMCA of Austin is a dynamic association of men, women and children joining together by a shared commitment to nurturing the potential of kids, promoting healthy living, and fostering a sense of social responsibility.

What To Do With All Those Pieces of Your Child’s Art

Stepping Stone Schools has provided us with this great idea for utilizing all those paintings, and drawings your child has created.

Click on or the image for instructions.



Stepping Stone Schools have 17 locations throughout Austin. Founded in 1979 they nurture cognitive, physical and social-emotional development.

Click to learn more.

Let’s Get Off That Sofa And Into Your Gi (or comfortable clothes)

Being inside all day, what better way to get the body moving, and the endorphins flowing than Family Kung Fu. It will make you feel better.

Master Gohring’ Tai Chi & Kung Fu is offering FREE live streaming of classes to the Austin Family Magazine community to help with your at home learning and relaxation.

If you want to get the private live stream link, email and he will send it to you personally.

Click on video below and tune into an actual Family Kung Fu class at Master Gohring’ Tai Chi and Kung Fu Class.

Are You Looking For Some Magic?

Here is some entertainment from right here in Austin. Fantastic Magic Camp’s own Bert, has a show for entire family.
Fantastic Magic Camp is filled with magic, juggling, and puppetry. There is Regular Magic Camp for ages 7-12 and Junior Magic Camp, ages 5-6. Check them out at
Click below to watch a Fantastic Magic Show.

Get Outside And Still Be Safe

Yes, you still need to wash your hands and maintain social distancing. That does not mean you cannot get outside, and enjoy the outdoors without endangering yourself and others.

Below are park listings in the area. Every park is asking guests to observe current social distancing guidelines:

McKinney Falls State Park

The park is still open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. However, all interpretive programs have been cancelled, and no equipment rental. Please reserve your day pass ahead of time online.

Austin Parks

The Austin Parks Foundation posted these recommendations. Things change rapidly, so please check before heading out to one o these beautiful parks.

AFM Editor’s Choice: St. Edwards Park

Wild Basin Wilderness preserve

All scheduled events are cancelled. The BMX racetrack, campsites, cabins, and Hamilton Pool are closed, however trails are open from sunrise to sunset.

NOTE: if you choose to visit these parks, please observe and maintain current social distancing guidelines. Also, remember to take your hand sanitizer and bottled water.

Club SciKidz Box Subscriptions

If you are looking for something to be both entertaining and educational, check out a box subscription from ClubSciKidz.

Click on the link to learn more about STEM supplies and lessons.

Social Distancing

Today we would like to share information about Social Distancing. Social Distancing is important because it helps slow transfer of virus from person to person. Distancing yourself from others will slow the spread of virus allowing our medical system time to better prepare for when the virus does spread.

Six Feet Away. Why? Because if someone sneezes or coughs and has the virus, six feet reduces your chance of contracting the virus. When someone does sneeze or cough, and droplets land on solid surfaces, you can pick up on your hands. Wash your hands. Keep your distance.

Help Others. If you have a neighbor who cannot get out, or an elderly parent nearby, offer to drop off food or prescription refills if needed. Also good time for kids to keep in touch with grandparents. Keep in contact by phone or video chat.

Get Plenty of Sleep, Eat Well, and Exercise. Many of us have a tendency to grab junk food at a time like this, but eating healthy, getting plenty of sleep, and exercise helps reduce your chances of getting sick. Plus you will just feel better!

Get Outside. Go the park, take a walk or runAgain, stay at least six feet away from others, and take in the outdoor air.

Avoid listening to news 24-7. Stay informed, but you need to turn it off at some point. Make a schedule, listen to in morning, and again at night, or maybe once a day at noon.

Many Professionals Offer Phone or Video Consultation. We have received notices from several such businesses stating they offer phone consultation. If you need to speak with a doctor, lawyer, counselor, therapist, etc. call first to see if that is an option.

Museums Are Fun and Educational

If you cannot go the museum, you can sure enjoy with a virtual tour, or their online activities.

Below are links to our own Thinkery, the Austin Children’s Museum, which is full of activities for kids, plus links to virtuals of national museums. All can be enjoyed right there at home.

Austin’s Thinkery

The Louvre

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History


Metropolitan Museum of Art

Let’s Go To The Zoo And Aquarium Via Live Video Cam

Have you ever been to the Atlanta or San Diego Zoos, Georgia or Monterey Bay Aquariums? This is a great way to explore these places and observe animals on live video cam, and not have to worry about exposure to COVID19. These are fun and great learning tools.

Live Animal Cams:

Atlanta Zoo

Georgia Aquarium

Monterey Bay Aquarium

San Diego Zoo

Terra Toys Curbside Service

Shopping for educational tools or toys? Let’s support our locally owned businesses, Terra Toys is open 10 to 6 offering curbside service, or 10 person limit to shop inside store.

They also offer personal shopping. Just call 512-445-4489 and they will send you images.

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