Last year my resolution – also known as the thing I wrote down in my journal and forgot about the next day – was to “not worry so much.” Considering that a year later I am consumed on a daily, if not hourly, basis by misgivings about whether I am nursing long enough, whether the baby’s naps are long enough, whether the baby’s poop smells “normal” and whether the baby and I are going to make it to the end of the day, I’d say my resolution failed – miserably.

This year will be different, though. I plan on sticking with goals that are realistic, measurable and specific. And this first six months of parenthood has proven to me that there are a few areas that deserve a little extra attention.

First, I plan to upgrade my weekly shower to a semi-weekly shower. And I will write a reminder on the mirror so I don’t forget to wear deodorant every day. It’s not that I mind being prompted by random strangers or sharp-eyed cashiers at Target that I have “hair gel” on my neck (it was spit-up), but I know my husband will appreciate coming home to a slightly less contaminated version of his wife.

Second, I resolve to ensure that the dogs manage to lick the inside of the baby’s mouth no more than once a day. I considered adding that I will pick up the vacuum more than once a month, but who am I kidding? The toddler I’m babysitting is afraid of the noise, and frankly, nothing short of a tornado could carry away the alarming amount of dog hair blanketing my house.

Third, I will exercise. Sometime. Because it wouldn’t be New Year’s without a weight-loss goal, right? My friend the scale insists that sweeping isn’t a cardio workout, and living off M&Ms and popcorn can no longer be justified by “I’m breastfeeding.”

Carrie Taylor is a native Texan, freelance writer and mother of one precious baby boy.


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